I started cooking at an early age when someone told me that if your mother is not at home, you must learn how to cook. That was the spark that started it all. So far, I’ve been in the industry for 18 years. In my time, I’ve worked in many restaurants, and I can honestly say NYC restaurants are a whole different beast! We all know it’s a fast-paced city, so you can imagine how things get behind the stove.

One time I saw something I’ll never forget. A cook was walking by, and the floor was wet. He didn’t notice, and when he slipped, his first instinct was to hang on to the closest thing to him. Unfortunately, it was the fryer machine, and his arms were covered in burning hot oil. In his haste to remove the oil, he grabbed a towel and tried wiping it off, which only worsened the situation. He ended up peeling off his skin! I still cringe remembering that story.

I don’t live in NYC anymore. I’ve been in Miami for the last ten years, but I always look for those restaurants that remind me of home. Even though there are a few here, I manage to find and work for the ones that give a 100% and care about the service, products, and their teams.