I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, where I received my degree in Hospitality, majoring in Food and Beverage.

My journey in the kitchen began while I was at college. I entered the restaurant industry, and I’ve been there ever since, sharpening my skills by working at several restaurants in the country where I can safely say I’ve worked all the positions in the kitchen.

I moved to Miami in 2014, where I spent the next 2 years opening and running the kitchen of a Caribbean restaurant. After that, I worked to gain additional knowledge in French and Spanish cuisine, and later on, I started working in a Ramen shop. There I developed a special interest in Japanese and Asian food.

When the pandemic hit, and everything closed, my wife, Federica, who is also a Chef, and I started doing pop-ups around Miami. I also helped the local community with the World Central Kitchen during that time.

Sando was born from the success of the pop-ups my wife and I started, with my brother coming in as one of our business partners. Sando is a Japanese-inspired restaurant created to serve made-from-scratch Katsu Sandos mixed with Latin-infused flavors and influence while maintaining traditional Japanese techniques.