“I moved to the U.S around 3 years ago and began working in front of the house with my husband at a bar, but when the pandemic hit and they subsequently closed I found myself needing another job. It was then that I found a job in a kitchen! I hadn’t planned to work as a cook but I jumped on and I fell in love with it.

I believe that if you cook while appreciating and loving what you do, the food will come out great. It’s a question of putting your heart into what you do daily. The diversity of cultures is amazing, you always meet people from different places and different backgrounds, and I’ve been fortunate to always work with a respectful team since I’ve always been the only woman in the line. They respect my point of view and my opinion is welcome.

These great experiences I’ve had have made me rethink my career and future, and made me embark into the gastronomy industry!”