“They’re the dynamic duo that get up every day to drive down to Roosevelt and 78th. Born in Puebla and forged through decades of cooking prowess, the Moreno brothers are taking New York by storm with their birria.

It all started when José went to California to help open a restaurant that he began obsessing over Tijuana-style birria de res. Over the couple of years he spent there, he worked his own recipe while doing staff meals and used his fellow cooks as test subject – until he perfected it and decided it was time to open up his own taco place.

A recipe that’s been approved by the pros, now taking over the streets.

If you don’t know what birria is, we’ll let you off the hook this time, but you should definitely go and try them out to find out what it is. Let’s just say it’s what makes their tacos so dreamy.

When we visited, there was a line that went way around the block and when we got our tacos and the cup of consomé on the side, we could tell we were in for a world of flavor. That thick, glistening cup of broth acted as a mirror of delight. You come here for the taco, and you stay here for both.”