I was born in Orsay, France. My love for the kitchen began when I turned 18 and became independent, I immediately started cooking for my friends, and it became my passion. Soon after, I was fortunate to be offered a rotating position that allowed me to discover all the possible roles in the kitchen. Now I’ve worked in the industry for 8 years and live in Hossegor.

This industry is unique because it has infinite creative possibilities and brings happiness to customers. Seeing the customer’s smiles and satisfaction always motivates me despite difficult moments. I’m grateful because the kitchen has boosted my self-confidence and has taught me to never give up, even in hard times.

One of the things I love the most about cooking is working with local, seasonal produce. Good products allow me to express my creativity.

That is why I offer a tailor-made service for a unique experience in the comfort of people’s homes. My cuisine is inventive, instinctive, generous, and gourmet, with a refined, modern, and colorful approach. My aim is to innovate while preserving the traditions of French gastronomy. Dishes are revisited according to seasonal produce. Thanks to a selection of local producers, my creativity emerges and brings freshness to my dishes; they are the artists.

If I were to share any advice with my fellow cooks out there, it would be to listen to yourself, listen to your intuitions, work hard, and let your creativity speak for itself. I encourage every cook to work with local ingredients! Responsible, sustainable, and local agriculture is a priority to me as a chef. Always remember products of the same color and season go very well togetherness.

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