“I’ve been cooking for the last 15 years, always with Italian food. I’ve worked with a lot of big names in Italian food, working my way up from dishwasher to my current position by working hard; I’ve worked in every position in the kitchen by now, but the pasta section is my favorite. The magic of good pasta is that, even though it looks simple to make, it’s all about creating those natural sauces by mixing the pasta’s starch with oil to create emulsions in the pan itself.

The wildest thing that’s happened to me in my 15 years in the industry was working in one of my previous Italian kitchens located in South Beach; you really had to hustle and those little back alleys hold some of the craziest stories. Let’s just say, some things are better left unsaid. But after all these 15 years and all the madness of this last year, I decided to go for it and start my own food truck that sells all those great dishes I learned throughout my journey. Now I’m here on the other side of the pass trying a new approach to our industry and my food!”