“I arrived in Miami just a few short months ago.

Before this, I have never worked in a kitchen before! Back in Venezuela, I used to be good at sports, so I decided to focus on the physical aspect and be a physical trainer.

In 2015 I moved from my home in Venezuela to start new in Panama. There I worked in almost every type of job you can imagine, although never in a kitchen. I became familiar with what it’s like living as an immigrant. So when I arrived in Miami, it was a bit easier to transition as an immigrant in the USA. The kitchen is a great place to start, and there is more of a teamwork environment. It’s helped not to feel alone.

Here in America, it’s not easy to find an affordable fresh meal. Having this job has allowed me to learn more about preparing my food in healthy ways. This has been a valuable step since I can apply what I know in my daily life!

When the kitchen gets busy, I am always ready to help the chef and the team prep with anything they need. I’m always willing and eager to learn more, so I’m excited to see where this takes me.”