Ivan Gerasimov
Growing up in Perm, Russia, my parents very often worked until late, so I had to take a collection of recipes and cook from what was in the refrigerator! It was there that my love for the kitchen began.

I always enjoyed cooking and am self-taught. After serving in the army, I took a few courses and landed my first job. It left a lasting impression as I was faced immediately with a shortage of personnel and worked a full shift. Now it’s been 12 years working in the industry.

Working in the kitchen can have its challenging moments, but self-development is what pushes me daily. Also, I cannot sit still at home! Developing and discovering new recipes and ingredients is one of my favorite aspects of this industry. In addition, I enjoy making new acquaintances and expanding geographical boundaries!

The moment when I discovered the smoker was pivotal. From that point, I began to move in this direction. I have grown to love cooking Burgers and BBQ. In our region, this is a young cuisine! My dream is to have a food truck one day.

This profession is unique as it is one of the most selfless ways to please a person. I have learned a lot in this industry, but the most valuable lesson is to appreciate your work and health. My advice to other cooks out there would be to develop, communicate, make friends with people from all countries, and enjoy what you do.

Colleagues, everything is possible! We smoke on a Texas smoker in the outback of Russia in the Urals! Believe in your dream!