I was born in Long Island, New York.

I realized I wanted to work in the kitchen when I was a child watching my grandfather cook for my whole family by putting together family-style Italian plates for everyone by himself. I always gravitated toward him when he was in the kitchen, trying to sneak in and help out.

What motivates me most to remain in this industry is knowing the best is yet to come. Also, the people and community push me every day to get out the bed and cook. People wait in line for our food. It’s on their mind all day. To have a positive effect on someone through food is a blessing.

The kitchen has taught me dedication, sacrifice, and work ethic. Do what you love, love what you do. Also, do it right or do it twice.

I advise future chefs that are starting today to keep pushing. There are many ups and downs in this industry. If the kitchen life is something you really want, just keep going. Always try new things, ask questions, and find a good mentor.

Photo by @52chefs