What brought me into the kitchen was my interest in food. Growing up, I always admired my grandma cooking for our family. When I went out to eat with my parents, I was always curious to see how the kitchen looked. Visiting Ecuador throughout the years as I grew up, I loved the street food and was fascinated watching the people make incredible fresh meals out of pretty much nothing.

What keeps me going are the people around me, like my close friends Greg, Marsi, and my family. Throughout my time in the kitchen I have learned trust is one of the most important things working in this industry.

I run and operate @yakitoriboyz305 and it keeps me motivated. We are at Smorgasburg Miami Food Market every Saturday from 11am-6pm.

My advice to other cooks around the world is to stick with it. Find your path and take it, don’t stop! There are endless possibilities with food!

Photo by ???????? @52chefs