“I’m 20 and from Uruguay; I arrived in the U.S about five months ago and have always somewhat had a background in food, working in a delivery food establishment back in Uruguay. So far the thing that’s intrigued me the most about being here is the kind of stories you can find in a kitchen, ranging from culinary graduates to people that lost everything and the only door that opened up was the kitchen – plus all the different amount of cultures that you find blending together in the city, it’s something I hadn’t seen before and something I’ve had to adjust to, but I enjoy it! I like the team here, we all vibe really well and I haven’t had any crazy experiences or hardships so far; even though I moved here alone I have a couple of family members here, so it’s been okay.

In the near future, I hope to be able to get promoted in my other job as a busser to learn more about the front of house aspect of the business, while on the weekends continue hustling in the kitchen!”