“I’m from Chile, and I’ve been in the US for the last three years. My kitchen history goes back 15 years; and it started with an unpleasant story!
When I was working in Chile, I got an opportunity to do a trial at a restaurant for a week, then it was extended to two weeks and then they kicked me out without paying me a penny; they were using unpaid labor to cover a shift of someone who was on holiday. I will never forget that day.. and after 15 years, I still see so many things in our industry that are still unfair.

Even though I’m happy here in the U.S, people work nonstop. You got to love it to stay on the line! Cooking is my passion and the grill is my home and that’s what keeps me here. I used to come as a tourist to USA and loved it, but once I moved, the American Dream is pretty different from what I thought it would be.”