“Not many people understand the drive that keeps us in the kitchen day after day – it’s where we find our meaning. The rush of the service excites me, the adrenaline makes me feel alive. During service, your entire being is focused on getting things done efficiently and to high standards. Working under pressure tells you a lot about who you’re working with, not just how they work, but who they are as a person. When the heat is on, their true self is revealed. We are all part of a community dedicated to one thing, nourishment.

I’ve found that the constant evolution of this industry keeps me engaged, each day brings with it new challenges. When I first started, chefs were unapproachable – you had to earn their attention as they did when they were coming up. In today’s restaurant, the chef is much more than the team leader, they are our teachers, coaches, and confidants. This has humanized our industry and demonstrates a kitchen that is more conscious. Remember to never stagnate, there is far too much to learn in such little time – keep moving, keep learning and most importantly stay true to yourself.

My advice to all would be to bring a notebook. You’ll come across hundreds of recipes that you think you’ll never forget, make sure you don’t.”