I’ve been in New York for ten months, working in an area of the kitchen where I don’t have to speak English with anyone since I’m still learning the language. I’ve always liked anything related to the kitchen and gastronomy, and in the meantime, I observe the chefs, take notes, and commit them to memory so that when my time comes to act, I won’t be lost.

In Venezuela, I worked in one of the best restaurants in my area called “El Rancho del Pescador.” Being a seafood restaurant, they focused mainly on seafood, which is very different from the restaurant I work at now; I think this is what makes this job so exciting; every place is a diverse ecosystem, and what you can learn is limitless.

Being an immigrant is complex. I’m alone in a new country, and my family is back home. It’s hard leaving my daughters behind, knowing I’m not watching them grow up or getting the chance to be with them every day, but they know I’m here for them.

Everything I do is for them. My main goal is to continue improving so I can bring them. With them here, not only will we be complete, but my focus won’t be split, and I’ll be able to dive deeper into creating a better future for us.