Ever since I was a little kid, I connected with the kitchen. My parents loved cooking, so naturally, I would cook with them, and then I began to cook for them.

My passion grew and took me to France, where I studied pastries and worked for a few years. I then returned to America and opened my own business in Chicago. After some time, I decided to close my business and move to Miami.

I feel so fortunate to be the Pastry Chef at Zak The Baker now and have the most wonderful team! It brings me immense joy to see the results of our efforts and how the team has come together. Getting to share the knowledge I have with my team motivates me and constantly teaches me. By supporting each other, our efforts improve every day.

My goal is to bring happiness to the community through cooking and help uncover the diverse cultures we have in Miami. By making these cultures more approachable and easier to comprehend, we can all connect as a community and as a whole.

Embracing the opportunity to be creative is another driving force for me. I’m also encouraged by the possibility of failing, knowing that it allows for a chance to bounce back stronger. These experiences shape us and spur our progress.

There are a lot of different changes happening right now in the world in terms of food. We are becoming more aware of how much sugar we consume, the quality of the products we put in our bodies, and the ingredients inside those products. I believe this awareness will only continue to grow and create significant change for the better.