“I graduated from culinary school 20 years ago. Back in Peru, my father had a fish market/catering company, so food has always been in my vein. I was eventually given the opportunity and money to fund my studies with the goal of developing our family business.

After working with my dad, I embarked to cook and gain experience in different countries and explore different cuisines.

One of the things I love most is to do prep; it’s one of the most therapeutic things in a kitchen, and I love to see a well-prepared station, though I also suffer when I see one that’s disorganized! It’s already been 4 years here and what’s kept me going is the teamwork and the vibes. The chef has even given me the opportunity to do special nights of Peruvian dishes and people loved it!

Now I’m passing on my knowledge to my kids, one is already a cool cook and is even working in a restaurant I used to work in! I want them to continue the legacy of my family, and hope to teach them all I know over the coming years!”