“I have lived alone with my grandma since I was little in Jakarta. My grandma likes to cook for the two of us, and in junior high school I started helping her shop at the market and learned to cook. From there on, I loved and dreamed of becoming a great chef. I started with a school in hospitality from which, after graduating, I chose to go straight to work and not go to college. At the age of 18, I started my career in the kitchen as a dishwasher in a hotel in Jakarta, and then, I migrated to the island of Bali to learn more deeply about the world of the kitchen. Now I’m back in Jakarta as a Sous Chef in one of the big restaurants there.

My dream, passion, and respect for food are something I value and something that’s kept me going. On the other hand, the kitchen has become a part of my life, and now at the age of 24, I think I will forever be a student in the kitchen world. Being a chef is not just about food; it’s about having commitment, dedication and respect for your staff while being a good leader, and to follow and be an inspiration to many people.”