My name is Stephan Ho Wing Cheong. I was born in the United Kingdom.

Gastronomy has been an essential part of my life for as long as I can remember. I first started working in kitchens in my father’s restaurant. Enjoying excellent fresh food every day spurred my love for the culinary arts. This led me to study at Westminster King’s Way College. After college, my first job was great, but I felt I needed to challenge myself to work in higher-end kitchens.

As my passion developed, so did my understanding and knowledge of certain products and how to bring bigger and bolder flavors together. I learned to make my mind work to create different and exciting things. As a chef, it’s important to be open-minded and proud of ourselves, just as it’s essential to learn when to keep our heads down and work.

Value your team, help each other to grow, and share your knowledge. Having a good mentor in this industry is essential. It helps push you to succeed. My biggest goal is to be happy and make good food.

Interview and shot 📸 🎤by @darklingcaptures official HOTK reporter in London 🇬🇧