I was born in Chiangmai, Thailand and now live between Bangkok and Virginia.

I was a MasterChef Thailand finalist in 2019 and have been living in Virginia for 7 years since my spouse opened a restaurant in Middleburg.

For over 30 years, I have been cooking with a deep passion that originated from my grandmother’s teachings and the happiness I felt witnessing her culinary skills. Today, I proudly co-own two Thai restaurants in Virginia, USA, and had the privilege of being a finalist in MasterChef Thailand in 2019. My experience drives me to impress people with my recipes, and witnessing their smiles brings me immense joy. I aim to create lasting dining experiences through my culinary journey.

One day I realized that as a leader in the kitchen, I could actually make a difference in other people’s lives and change the way they see things. There was this line cook who was going through a tough time and wasn’t sure about sticking with a career in the culinary world. I asked him to help me out with a special recipe, and I made it clear that he was the only one I was letting in on the secret. That really perked him up, and ever since that day, I’ve seen a huge change in him.

Just know that as a leader, your actions in the kitchen can go a long way and have a significant impact on others.
Photo by b.j.w.k.