I was born and raised in Santiago de Chile, Chile. My love for the kitchen started when I went off to college. I liked cooking a little before, but the love grew more in college. My dad used to create and cook a lot of weird recipes at home; some of them tasted really good, and others… not so well.

I know this career has a lot of hurdles and difficult moments, but there is a lot of motivation and passion going on in what we do. Of course, shit gets real sometimes, but I love what I do. I love to play with food and taste ingredients that I don’t know. I love meeting people in this industry that share the same passion, and honestly? I have a lot of fun cooking and talking to people. This keeps me happy and excited all the time to see what’s next, to see what’s coming.

One of the valuable ideas I’ve learned in this industry is to respect your ingredients, your teammates, and what you do. Restaurants are a family, and you must take care of your family. You’re only as strong as your team. Have fun along the way. Food tastes much better when you love it.