“You get comfortable working for others after some time. It’s like muscle memory; you show up and you just do the same thing every single day. At the end of the two weeks you know you’re going to get the same paycheck. Ultimately, you’re making constant money so there’s no need for you to go out there and try to do something on your own, to try to do anything because you’re comfortable where you are. But as soon as we got knocked off our asses, we weren’t all comfortable anymore, and suddenly you begin to think about how you’re going to make a living – what’s the next step.

For me, I was comfortable in my position but I still wanted to do something else, now finally having time to myself – because I usually never do; with a push from my wife who’s always been telling me I’m too talented to be working for someone else, I spoke to my brother and we decided to just do it.

We decided to do BBQ and it’s been very good, but my big thing with this project is to be able to give back, I don’t want to be rich – I want to be comfortable, but I want everyone around me to be comfortable as well. I want to help the people out here that need it, to take care and nourish people, so that I can bring them together.

I feel like my job is the best job in the world, I get to do what I love, and I get to feed families, friends. To bring people together no matter what issues they’ve had. The goal’s to give back and take care of everybody.”