I was born and raised in India and have been in the industry for seven years. My journey began early after spending time in my aunt’s kitchen. Watching her make her special Beef Stew and turn essential ingredients into a magical meal triggered an exciting desire to learn how to cook. I still remember the smell of her kitchen. All of this led me to pursue a career as a Chef. I went to culinary school at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology, and Applied Nutrition Goa. Later, I started applying for a job in a restaurant.

After landing a job, I quickly realized it wasn’t what I expected. My first experience was horrible. I hated it. The heat, the pressure, the violence…it all got to me, and I almost quit. But I realized that this was all I ever wanted to do. So, I made sure to show up to work every day, no matter what happened the previous night. This resilience helped me persevere and push through the tough nights. It shaped me into the cook I am today.

Learning something new every day, in every aspect, is one of the primary motivators that keep me in the industry. Watching people being brought together through the shared love for food and forgetting our differences for those few minutes of eating makes me believe in world peace. Another one does not know how strong I am until being strong is my only choice. I know it doesn’t always feel like it, and most won’t believe it when I say this, but I promise you, if you can just put in one more day and cook like it’s your last, you’ll come a long way. The one thing that does suck is the exploitation of labor wages. It’s a shame to work your ass off day in and day out, sacrifice your entire life in the pursuit of the craft, give world-class hospitality, and not even be able to have a decent living standard ourselves.

Nonetheless, don’t let negativity stop you. Keep pushing, keep pushing, and keep going. Don’t fucking stop. It’s a good life, trust me. It may not be easy now, but it does get better. Keep your head down, learn the craft, and question everything. You’re doing fine. If you fall, pick yourself back up, dust yourself, and keep pushing forward.