I am from France. I have been in the restaurant business for a very long time. While living in Paris, I owned a restaurant for 2 years.

I moved to Miami back in 2003. Once I settled in, I opened a restaurant in Aventura called, A Weber Cafe. After 10 years I wanted to take a break, so I closed the restaurant and went in search of something new to do. I heard a local bakery was hiring so I checked it out and long story short, I’ve now been here for 6 years. I love the restaurant business. I couldn’t imagine myself working behind a desk or doing anything different.

I’m often asked what the difference is between owning your own business and working for somebody. The answer is: when you work for somebody (that has a great work ethic) you sleep better vs at my restaurant I worked from 10 am until 3 am the next day! I wouldn’t change those 10 years that I owned a restaurant, they were amazing, but eventually, I had to choose between spending time at home with my family or at the restaurant. When you own your own business, the problems follow you, whereas when you work for someone else you can leave the problems at your workplace.

I think the food business is the best in the world because that’s how you meet the most people and that’s where you have a lot of interaction with people. It’s like being in show business.

Everybody loves food.