My name is Nick. I was born in Edward, MS, but I’m currently residing in Jackson, MS.

My love for the kitchen started on the farm, with my nana serving as my biggest influence. I started being more engaged when I was 6. I couldn’t leave the kitchen at that point. I was making biscuits from scratch before I was 8 and making jellies and jams.

My first job was at a Mexican restaurant called Fernando’s when I was 16. I washed dishes for a year and then moved to prep cook. They were tough on me, which I loved because it was exactly what I needed.

One of the many reasons I’ve stayed in this industry is because it had many Chefs of color in Mississippi being featured out front. I wanted to figure out what was needed and then someone told me, it’s consistency and treating people great. I’m here to encourage others to walk through their doors and be great and find your voice in this life. We only have one life so I’m making the best of it and my family tree isn’t strong with elderly males. I’m the eldest male. So, for me, I have it all on my back and I have to make a difference.

It’s one of the things I love about cooking. It holds many attachments to the community, health, wealth, strength, guidance, encouragement, environment, and the future. It’s unique because you can show your personality in what you do. You can really tell a story of techniques and flavors. That’s freaking badass!

The best lesson I’ve learned thus far is don’t burn a bridge. Treat everyone the same and respect people as much as you do the food. It’s super important to have good habits because that’s what sets you apart from the rest. I hope more Chefs of color get the recognition they deserve in Mississippi. I love what I do, and I love where I’m from. I welcome partnerships to work with others but also for them to work with me.