My mom has had a restaurant here for 70 years in Perseverancia. My siblings and I were practically born and raised here in the Plaza, but only 3 of the 8 children continued with the same passion for cooking. I’m 55 years old, and I’ve only taken a break when I had my daughter. Otherwise, I’m here full-time.

When we were kids, we would all help my mom after school. It was a family business, after all. Some of us would help her peel potatoes, while the rest would clean dishes and take orders. We were practically raised in the kitchens of the plaza. Thanks to this job, she was able to pay for our schooling.

When I had my daughter and husband, I decided to have my own business, and I couldn’t think of a better place than the plaza I grew up in.

The Plaza is always lively. I’ve had some of my best memories here. When I was young, we would have a girls’ meeting on Thursdays, have a drink here in the Plaza, and go for walks. Now, there are a few of the old ones left. We are still here trying to have a healthy relationship and help each other. It’s like a second family here.

I love this job, but sometimes it gets hard because trying to please every person’s taste can be difficult. On the other hand, when I’m told, “it was delicious; this time it was better,” it’s all worth it. That is what makes our profession. We don’t see it as a job, but rather as a want to do this. I see the world through food and wouldn’t imagine myself in any profession other and place than this one.

Thanks for the hospitality @ipesbogota @juanstarving and all the support you give to the cooks that are part of the @plazasdemercadodistritales