“I’ve been working in kitchens for the last five years; many things were happening in my life back then and I had trouble sitting down and focusing on my studies, so I decided to drop out and when I was in need of a job, I got a gig in a pizzeria which was a sink or swim moment for me – I had tried many things but nothing clicked, and the kitchen was the first place where something finally did, it was a revelation

I’ve personally found my way in the kitchen, it taught me how to organize myself and develop a routine; it’s a place where I can come and create things daily, solve problems – all those things that you normally figure out in school, I’ve figured out while working.

That ability to have an effect on people’s lives and be able to create meals for people, develop relationships with customers via the food, its inherent objectivity, and understanding the power you have is very grounding, and it’s what keeps me coming into work day after day!”