“I’m 21 years old and I got involved with this restaurant pretty much from the beginning, but it wasn’t until recently that I began getting involved with the kitchen. At the start, I helped out with the deliveries for a few months. But once the pandemic hit, things got pretty bad in the country, worse than what they were before, it was already hard and expensive to find food so you can imagine. I took a break from doing deliveries to reconsider my future and finish up my studies. Once the owners were able to open the stand in September, I was able to jump back on and had to do a bit of everything, unexpectedly in that moment it’s where I got connected with the kitchen, I still do a little of everything though but I found my way in what I do now.

It’s been a venture, there’s a lot of responsibility that you need to take on and many comforts that need to be left behind; compounded with the erratic and unusual situation – it’s been very difficult, and there have been a few times when we thought we would go under. But we’ve managed to stay afloat through discipline and faith; for anyone looking to start a new project were ever they are, I think that’s the key!

The desire to want to see things done well and seeing the business that you respect grow has made me fall in love with the industry and I want to see the outcome of our effort.”
Reporting from Venezuela @vill237