“I once worked as Keanu Reeves’ personal chef for 3 months. He was in Puerto Rico shooting a movie and a friend of mine got us an interview with his team. My English wasn’t great back then, so my friend was going to take care of the talking – I just had to focus on the food. On the day of the interview, my friend didn’t show up. I was already nervous when they called me into the room, but it was quickly amplified. There, in front of me, was Keanu Reeves himself.

I knew the food would do the talking for me. I had decided I wasn’t going to serve him an international menu. If I was going to cook for him while he was in Puerto Rico, he would eat my island’s cuisine. The interview went well, he loved the food, understood my passion and the next 3-months were a great experience. He doesn’t know this, but even my mom was helping out – she would prepare some of her amazing sauces for me to bring in for him.”