I currently reside in Mallorca, Spain, but I was born in Quilmes, Argentina. My journey to Spain happened because of my girlfriend, who’s Spanish. We met in Costa Rica, and after two years, we moved to Madrid to open a restaurant.

My journey in the kitchen started in an Irish Pub where I met my best friends. It’s easily one of the best experiences I’ve had in my working life. I discovered immediately that this world of hard work, burns, and cuts was what I wanted for my life. It may seem like hard work and sacrifice, but it’s a well rewarded effort.

Making a living doing what I love most keeps me motivated. Cooking is my therapy and passion. Going back to work after a difficult moment inside or outside the restaurant helps calm me down and see things more clearly. My colleagues are very supportive. Without them, I could not have achieved anything. I truly believe nothing worth making is achieved without a healthy, balanced, and loving human team. My job is to make that happen. That’s where excellent dishes are born from.

That being said, I would love to take this industry to more sustainable levels. It makes me sad to think how big a role this industry plays in polluting the seas, among other things. I would call for more awareness and respect for the planet and its inhabitants, including humans.

📸 @jaimebadra