“We’re 22 and 24 years old respectively. One of us studies public accounting and licensing in industrial relations, and the other studies medicine and administration.

We started our business around a year ago midway through the pandemic thanks to my aunt who’s a pastry chef; she taught us all the basic recipes that we then built on and where the passion slowly developed. We’ve managed to come up despite the difficulties that have happened in the country and it’s become our main source of income.

We’ve developed steady sales and clients by selling desserts, cookies, cakes, etc. And we’ve both grown to truly love the work we do and the learning that comes with it. You certainly need courage to be in the kitchen, because there’s always a chance that customers will reject your product, making it hard to take the first step. But when it clicks and people like it, it’s just a flow!”
@vill_rgb reporting from Venezuela ????????