“We are a Colombian-Italian couple. I am Juana Mosquera and my husband is Simon Clorari. He is from a small town in the north of Italy between Genoa and Milan called Potsolo. We met here in Santa Marta, Colombia. When I was left without work, Simon asked me if I would like to learn how to make bread and I told him, let’s do it! An Italian friend came here to give us some tips and we ventured into this new project! Now today, we have an artisanal pizzeria in Santa Marta called “El Artillano” and another restaurant called Fatto In Casa in Taganga.

It all started with us baking from home to see if people would like our creation. Simon was a diving instructor so he would prepare the dough at night, I would shape it early in the morning and bake it, then he would come home and distribute it. We saw that people began to like our artisanal proposal made with love. We then looked for an establishment and found it after so much we opened in October 2019. However, due to the pandemic, we had to close in March 2020. We worked at home again for some clients who knew our product. Because everything is handmade, not everyone knows of it. That has been our challenge, to make our product well known, but step by step people have come to know and appreciate what we do. Thanks to the support of the community, they have kept us open and working.”