“I come from Beirut, Lebanon; but I was raised in Venezuela. I grew up doing different things, but once I settled in the U.S I wanted to do something for myself; that’s when I decided to become a cook, and worked my head off to be in the position I am today.

I’ve always been interested in cooking, but I never considered it a career as I was always worried about the rough environment that came with the job – the aggression and all. However, I once took a kitchen job under a great chef who mentored me, and each time I was there he’d teach me something new. Over time, I realized I had a talent and love for this industry, and I continued.

That’s why – to me, the work environment is a crucial component of the job. I worked to foster an environment where aggression wasn’t present, a system where people can work efficiently without needing aggression. We’ve developed a family environment where we’re all focused on pushing excellent food!”