This could be a story about a hundred thousand cooks that come in high to work or of how many of us perform better with just a little hit. Heck, it could even be the reason why that line cook always burns the fucking bread. But we want to go way deeper.

Today more than ever we care about where our food comes from, who we are actually supporting and how is it grown.

The game is changing and it’s on us to lead the way to a better future.

It’s not just about the food that we put into our bodies though, what matters is every single choice we make. One day you could be supporting a farmer or a family business, and another day you could be supporting pharmaceutical companies or corrupt organizations.

Always ask yourself: is this natural? Who are we supporting? Is it worth it?

It’s time to start applying our mise en place and our sourcing out of the kitchen, to our day-to-day.