I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been working in restaurants for six years. From a very young age, I saw chefs on TV and in books, like Narda Lepes and Fernando Trocca. Through these influences I discovered my love for cooking. I wanted to be like them, so I studied on my own until I was old enough to study at the IGI (International Gastronomic Institute). After three years, I graduated.

My first kitchen job was hard. We all know kitchens are complicated and even more so when you’re 18 working 12 hours a day! But I learned a lot being there for a year.

The thing I love most about cooking is the adrenaline of service and the satisfaction on the faces of diners. My passion for good service, a love for good food and the desire to be better always pushes me to better. If I have a bad day, I try harder the next day. Never give up.

Today I am the Executive Chef in Loot Garden, Villa de Mayo, Buenos Aires, where we cook with seasonal products and the best meat in the world-Argentinian meat! This country is special as the food changes every 100km, so you know you’re eating quality food.

Argentina has very good products, restaurants, and outstanding chefs. This country has a lot to offer the world. I want to exalt the raw materials of this country and their capabilities. Gastronomy here is growing and there are increasingly better chefs.

A love for the profession makes it unique. Chefs endure heat, screams, low salary, blood and tears. You’re here if you really love cooking and want to be a great chef. The most important thing when it comes to this industry is the quality of the food. Take care of the product, be careful with the food when you cook, and always respect where it comes from, regardless if it’s vegetables or animals. Respect the earth, it is the best natural food pantry!