“Fine-dining has always been my thing, and when I first came in to eat here I was sitting at the bar and I had an immediate connection with the place. I contacted the owner when the restaurant was barely six months old and joined the team.

Here the biggest focus is the prep, the quality of the work, and the produce we use – it helps to have an amazing team like ours’ that truly lives to constantly push, from the minute we open until we close. Especially when you have to operate in a restaurant that has a small kitchen you have to adjust your menu and train your team properly; every movement in the tight space needs to have a purpose, a close-quarters dance that needs to flow both during prep and during the rush!

We’ve had to really adjust to covid. Even though at first we didn’t want to do deliveries and we also didn’t want to let go of our employees. So we adjusted and some of us had to deliver food; creating our own delivery to cut intermediaries, and saving on the huge margins of 3rd-party deliveries.

Push push push! As a team, as employees, and as humans, it is what has kept us afloat!”