I was born in France.

I started working in the kitchen out of necessity. I just needed a job for the winter season and followed a friend who was going to the Alps Mountains to work. It never occurred to me that 14 years later, I would be fully on board in this industry.
I did a few seasons in basic roles to learn skills and slowly fell in love with the environment. It matched my personality perfectly.

I always loved cooking, but pastry was my first real love. That love drove me to learn and understand how to use the machines. I was fortunate enough to encounter amazing human beings along my path, patient enough to teach me stuff the right way.

The more I learned, the more in love I fell with this job. I was already a vegetarian at the time (since I was 18) and was exploring vegan food, so it was never a point for me to go to a cooking school where I would have to learn to butcher and everything. No way in my head it would make sense to grow my career.
So I followed my gut. I’ve learned by being in the kitchen, absorbing every little thing and detail, mirroring the gestures, and teaching my brain to be aware of it all.

I did a few jobs in France and then moved to London in the UK, where veganism and vegetarianism are bigger and more mainstream. I loved my time there, the country and people gave me opportunities to grow, and I ended up having my first managing positions there, in another language than my mother tongue, with people from all around the world, and I loved the challenge. I grew so much during those first years as Sous Chef and then Head Chef. I’m so grateful I followed that path, trusted my gut, made mistakes, changed directions in my career, and all that. In the end, everything made sense.

Now I’m back in France exploring new challenges, and who knows about the future.