We started the company with no formal culinary training or restaurant experience, just a love for cooking and creating memorable experiences through deliciously creative food. The kitchen is rough, unforgiving, emotional, temperamental, but beautiful.

We are living testaments that with love, hard work, and integrity, anything is possible. After only a year of dating, we started Cornbread26 Food Co, a NYC boutique catering company with a big punch.

We believe that customers can taste every ounce of love and effort you put into a dish. It’s the love for each other that keeps us going, but also, the love for the kitchen, and moreover, the love for exceeding a customer’s expectation with every meal that we cater.

That glowing customer review, that face a customer makes as they bite into your food at an event, that “thank you” email on Monday morning is what makes our 4am drives from Westchester and our 16 hour work days all worth it.