I am Chris Berdes, born and raised in Patras, Greece, and now residing in Mykonos. For me, cooking is not just a passion but also a gateway to encountering the most captivating individuals one could ever meet in a lifetime. However, at the core, food remains my ultimate destination. Even after spending 12 years in the kitchen, I still get goosebumps every time I step into that culinary realm. From the very beginning, I understood that pursuing a career in the culinary arts would demand significant sacrifices, but I have never once regretted my decision.

I vividly recall an incident seven years ago when I was brutally stabbed and required surgery. The doctor informed me that I could not cook for several months, leaving me deeply disheartened. It was during that challenging period that I truly grasped the fact that my life would be incomplete without cooking.

If I could share two of my best takeaways from the industry, they would be never to forget your origins and always remain connected to your roots. To keep your senses wide open, taste is intertwined with memory, and it is through this connection that we can truly leave a lasting impression in the culinary world.