“I come from a family of artists – musicians, painters, writers, sculptors. That’s where I get my spirit from. Cooking is my creative outlet. I grew up in the kitchen eating and cooking homemade Peruvian food but it wasn’t until 2020 that I decided to turn this lifelong passion of mine into a career.

The number 20 has a lot of symbolism for me, that’s why I have it tattooed on my hand. Sometimes you think you have it all figured out when you’re in your 20’s like me. I was married, comfortable in a corporate event planning job, and living the norm. In the year 2020, my life was flipped upside down and I had to reinvent myself. Cooking gave me purpose and happiness again.

Stepping into this new venture, I promised myself I would be authentic to who I am. I think that shows in a lot of my work. Building a brand based on my talents, interests, personality, and upbringing is important to me. As a young entrepreneur, I fail and struggle almost every single day. But sometimes I win and those are the days I celebrate with fancy cheese or wine. Yes, cheese keeps me going.

I’m in a fearless stage of my life where I have nothing to lose. I’ve put myself out there a lot and it’s allowed me to grow quickly and collaborate with others. The local chef community has been unbelievably inspiring and welcoming towards me as a new young, aspiring chef. I am grateful, but I’ve also worked my ass off to get here. Nothing comes knocking on your door; you have to fight for it.”