“Since I was young, the ocean has always been in my blood. My father and grandfather were always respectful of the ocean and taught me how to use its offerings properly following the seasons, sizes, and creel limits. Unsure of what I wanted to do in my future, I started working as a legal assistant, but I discovered it didn’t click for me working behind a desk. I knew my place was behind the stove, so I kept the job while I studied culinary arts. My partner at the moment was a French pastry expert so she asked me to help her open up a French Cafe while I was in school.

When I graduated, I had a great job opportunity in Miami Beach. With time and effort, I eventually got promoted as a pastry chef. Year’s went by after working in 5 star hotels, as a kitchen leader, and helping to open 4 restaurants, I felt I needed a change. So even though I had many job offers I decided to take a break and travel to my hometown. After going back, I felt there was a possibility for me in Santa Marta to contribute with something unique. I started to remember the days when my father worked in his restaurant and my grandfather on his boat and I realized the impact they had on the community. I knew this was my calling and the world worked around it… Just before going back to Miami, I was offered a chance to open my own place.

Now here I am doing what I love, using some Peruvian techniques but with all the beautiful products of our land.”