My name is Carlos Mario González Pluma. I was born in Mexico City in the Álvaro Obregón delegation.
My love for cooking began when I was very young.

I remember the moments spent with my grandmother in the kitchen, and the memories of my childhood I’m most fond of are spent around a table eating. My first taste of the kitchen came while working as a dishwasher in my friends’ grandmother’s inn.

There’s one word I’d use to describe my first kitchen job: stressful. It was a new world where I learned the importance of discipline, but it forever marked my life. Seeing how every task was accomplished to the millimeter resembled an expertly conducted orchestra. Everything worked like clockwork. It was phenomenal.

Knowing that each physical and chemical process is one of the many things I love about cooking. To me, it’s art, love, and history mixed into one. This profession requires a lot of love, discipline, and passion. Apart from the physical and mental exhaustion this career provides, the constant stress and busyness of the day making it different from others.

If I could give a word of advice to future cooks, it would be: At all times, love what you do. Fight for your dreams. Learn from everyone and share your knowledge with others. Respect your uniform, be humble, and support yourself among cooks. Try, read, study, and above all, become a master of your trade.