“I’m a self-starter type of person. I’ve learned that no matter the situation, there’s always a way to adapt and overcome it.

I started as a pizzaiolo in Argentina – that’s what sparked my interest in cheese. Once I moved to Miami I started learning how to be a cheesemaker from home. Eventually I started gaining clients, leading me to open my first location. It was small, and business started picking up pretty quickly. We decided to move to where we are now and open a little cafe out front. It was the perfect way to blend our cheesemaking facility with a little restaurant to serve clients and friends.

Adapting to everything since Covid hasn’t been easy – many of our clients are restaurants. But fearing I may lose my business and be forced to adapt is nothing new to me. In 2016 we lost an employee and a good friend in a shooting near our store. It was hard to continue after that, but with time we overcame it and become stronger. I have no doubt we will again.”