I began working as a dishwasher when I was 16. I caused trouble at school, and my mom thought keeping me busy after class while helping with some bills at home would be a good idea. She pulled some strings where she worked in Downtown Miami, and that’s how I landed a gig at Fratelli Milano, thanks to Fiorella, the owner.

As time passed, I juggled different tasks – handling phones, helping in the kitchen – you name it. I was always up for learning something new. Eventually, the pastry chef and owner, Emanuele, needed an extra pair of hands. He trained me upstairs in the pastry studio, and I learned everything from pastries and pasta to bread. Once I got the hang of it, he trusted me to take the reins when he was on vacation. That was the first time I felt a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Working in the kitchen has perks, particularly the incredible connections formed, like with the Chef, who’s also one of the owners. Even though he’s the boss, the dynamic in the kitchen is like a team. That’s a big reason I’ve stuck around for over ten years! I’ve got this knack for making things look good with my hands, and the Chef knows it.

After a solid run in the kitchen, I figured it was time for a change. At first, I never saw myself in the dining room – I’m a bit reserved. The pandemic shook things up, and I stepped out of the kitchen to help with deliveries. That’s when I saw an opportunity for more skills to pick up in the front of the house, like learning about wine and communications. With over 13 years of understanding every facet of the restaurant, my communication skills with the back of the house and the ins and outs of each dish became my strong suit for becoming a server.

Both kitchen and dining room jobs have their perks, especially if you’ve dreamed of running your business. Working in the kitchen makes me a better server – I can answer any question about the menu. It can be challenging, but I’m doing something I genuinely enjoy.

This place is like my second home, like family. It’s a top-notch spot to work. I am the captain server today and hope to become a manager & bussines owner one day.

@oomsi.films 🎥