My name is Andrea, I was born in Sicily and now I’m a chef in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I went to cooking school as a joke. After the first training in the kitchen, when I put on the white jacket.. I suppose that was the moment I fell in love.
It wasn’t always beautiful, there were moments in which I felt like giving up. But I persevered. I was always hungry to learn.

Every day is an opportunity to restart, to do better. Bad days happen…but it’s on us to make them right.

During the journey I’ve met people who have changed my ways of understanding the kitchen, chefs who have taught me not only professionally but humanly too. They’ve explained to me the importance of being kind to others and communicating emotions through food. It is often said that we need to leave emotions out of the kitchen, but to some extent, if the only emotion we put into a dish is our own and we don’t care about others, eventually your team won’t last long.

I’m sure my hunger to know won’t fade, I’ve dedicated everything to this life, and I’m not going to stop.