We started cooking 22 years ago. It all started at home, where my mother taught us the basics. A skill I’ll be forever grateful to my mom for teaching us. We believe we should all learn how to cook ourselves a good meal; we never know what will happen, but we think it’s a crucial survival skill.

Years later, a business opportunity appeared, and it was a small restaurant. We weren’t sure if, from being home cooks, we could manage a restaurant or cook something others liked. That’s when we started digging into our culture, remembering my mom’s recipes and asking our mother-in-law about some traditional dishes we wanted to serve at the restaurant. Months later, we decided to hire a chef to help us have a solid structure, and that’s when we learned more about techniques and measures.

Today we both are in charge of the kitchen, and our husbands are farmers, so we always use fresh ingredients and help each other.
@christianguval 📸🎤Reporting from Alajuela, Costa Rica 🇨🇷