Alonzo Zarco

Initially, cooking was simply a means of making a living when I immigrated to Canada from Mexico. It wasn’t until I could appreciate the emergence of the culinary phenomenon on social media. New TV shows and chefs opened my eyes and changed my vision of the immense talent in the culinary world and all the possibilities within the food industry. I felt inspired and I found a new appreciation for the culinary arts.

A curiosity and necessity to experiment with flavors and dishes arose within me. This led me to create my Instagram account. I never went to culinary school. I learned everything by experimenting and observing other chefs.

Last year, I ventured into food pop-ups, creating A Comer Food Event. We hold events once a month to help me express my creativity and indulge in culinary experimentation. I always elevate my dishes using the bases of traditional Mexican food and local food sources.
I am also the Chef at Salt and Pepper. It was the first restaurant where I started working as a line cook. Nowadays, After ten years in the industry, I am looking to contribute to Calgary’s thriving culinary scene while offering guests a unique dining experience.

I hope the industry evolves and offers better wages for cooks. Usually, servers make more money than cooks, and that is a little disappointing. I would also like new cooks to see that cooking is about detail and perfect timing. It’s essential to ensure the ingredients are used at their peak.

What is your favorite street food?

Mexican Street Food

Which restaurant or food stand do you recommend? (Different from yours) (Add its Instagram handle if possible)

Annabelle’s kitchen. Pat be Betty . Bastion Burgers

What is your guilty pleasure?

Hot sauce. I know it’s damaging but I love it

What ingredient do you find overrated?

Micro greens

What ingredient do you think is underrated?


What is your favorite kitchen tool?

Offset spatula

What is your worst kitchen nightmare?

When customers ask for substitutions or food that is not on the menu.