“I’ve been in Miami for the last two years – I came here from Rome; I have a restaurant there called Porchettoni though with the pandemic we had to close because of curfews and as soon as those go away in the next few weeks, we’re back in business! The food truck ( @porchettonifoodtruck ) here has actually been keeping us afloat despite having to have closed the restaurant temporarily, so I am thankful for that.

I came to Miami because of Anthony Bourdain, he actually came to try my porchetta at the restaurant back in 2012 and because of that a lot of Latinos and Americans would always come when they were in Rome for tourism. It felt natural to come here and open up a concept that would also help me advertise the restaurant while working! I love the people in Miami, it’s pretty much a Latin city in the U.S. Business is going well with the food truck, even though with the pandemic it’s taken a hit.”