My culinary journey began with a childhood fascination for kitchen alchemy, inspired by my grandmother’s ability to turn raw ingredients into culinary masterpieces. This passion led me to The Culinary Institute of America, where I earned an Associate in Culinary Arts. Later I received a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management and certifications as a ServSafe Manager and certified Sommelier.

As Sous Chef at The Residents in NYC, I discovered the transformative power of local, seasonal ingredients. The journey continued at an Italian culinary haven, where I delved into Mediterranean cuisine intricacies, honing my leadership skills and culinary craftsmanship.

A pivotal moment during my externship at Michelin-starred restaurnat became a crucible of culinary and personal growth. Faced with high expectations and intense pressure, I discovered resilience, precision, and a deep passion for gastronomy. It shaped my commitment to excellence, instilling perseverance as a guiding force in all aspects of my life. That day catalyzed my personal and professional growth, shaping my skills as a chef, as well as my character and approach to challenges.

Beyond the kitchen, I shared culinary insights through the podcast “Bite In with Bawarchi” and publications, exploring trends and engaging in meaningful conversations about food and culture. Through active involvement in the Indian Culinary Forum, I stayed curious and embraced diversity.

As a chef, I have a deep appreciation for the culinary industry. Still, I hope to see positive changes in several areas, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability practices, work-life balance, education and mentorship, and technological integration, among others.
Addressing these aspects can make the culinary industry more inclusive, sustainable, and adaptable to changing needs.

In essence, my kitchen story is a mosaic of experiences, with each dish contributing to the masterpiece of my culinary identity. Each encounter has been a lesson, shaping me not just as a chef but as a culinary storyteller, eager to contribute to the evolving narrative of gastronomy.


What is your favorite street food?

Falafel Wrap with Hummus and Pita

Which restaurant or food stand do you recommend? (Different from yours) (Add its Instagram handle if possible)


What is your guilty pleasure?

Dal Dhokli

What ingredient do you find overrated?

Truffle Oil

What ingredient do you think is underrated?

Black Garlic

What is your favorite kitchen tool?


What is your worst kitchen nightmare?

One of the worst kitchen nightmares for me could be discovering a major equipment failure right in the midst of a busy dinner service. Picture this: the ovens stop working, the refrigeration is on the fritz, and essential cooking equipment malfunctions, all while a full house of hungry diners awaits their meals. This scenario would not only disrupt the flow of the kitchen but also jeopardize the ability to serve quality dishes on time, potentially leading to unhappy customers and a significant hit to the restaurant’s reputation.

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