“I’m Adalina, originally from Santa Marta, Colombia; the pandemic brought me here when I lost my 11-year job working at an organization called P.A.E. I worked as a cook with the high school feeding program where I raised awareness for consuming organic food and we cooked as healthy as possible for the kids. I inherited this job from my mother who taught me the importance of fresh food and the values ​​of family and perseverance at an early age.

When the schools closed their doors, I moved to a place that drives local and international tourism. So I went to the commercial beachside town called Buritica and offered my knowledge to a local restaurant owner. He asked me if I could cook a couple of dishes but I was sincere and said “no, although I am a fast learner!” So he told me to cook him something and if he liked it, I’d get the job! He enjoyed it and now here I am after a year on the beach learning to make new dishes.

When you work for the government, especially for high schools, everything is standard and measured. Here we have more freedom to play and create specials depending on the day’s catch. I discovered a new dimension to the kitchen and now I dream of having my own little corner place in the future.”