I’ve been surrounded by pizza from birth. My family is from Napoli, so naturally, pizza is part of our culture and legacy.

Since I was 5, I’ve known I wanted to become a pizzaiolo, someone whose sole focus is mastering the art of pizza. So at 14, I started working and learning to make Neapolitan pizza. In the beginning, I learned with my family before doing so at different restaurants.

Then one day, my dad’s friend offered me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse: the chance to travel to the USA and work in a Neapolitan pizzeria! I was ready to get out of my comfort zone and gain experience.

One of the things I love most about my new job is that it’s an open kitchen, so I get to see people enjoying and devouring the pizza. And I love that! I love seeing people get their hands dirty and experience the pizza and the dough. It fills me with a sense of pride to see people from other parts of the world enjoy the food we cook back home.

Walking down the alleys with @christianguval 📷 🔥